Prophetic Word for the 27th of May 2020

Prophetic Word for the 27th of May 2020 - You are the foundation You are the foundation of my end time movement. You are the ones that will allow the resources to reach my end time army. You are called as Kingdom financiers. Why do I call you to build the foundation for my end time apostles? Because you are going with me in the rapture and do not need your resources anymore. You are the foundation I have said that you are my rock on which I will build my assemblies and this will come true again as you will be the rock an which the holy places will be established. Your generous support will allow my new apostles to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all nations and on all continents. They will be able to bring in the harvest of the ages and to feed my sheep. You are the foundation My bride who is going into the escape, who is worthy to escape all things, will leave their wealth for my end time movement. For my chosen, faithful vessels who have committed them to the harvest. Your resources will fire up the great revival on earth and will allow to bring Heaven down onto Earth. In Heaven you do not need your wealth anymore but your resources will help to create the multitude clothed in white. Support my end time apostles now. Michael Triple Grace