Prophetic Word for the 29th of May 2020

Prophetic Word for the 29th of May 2020 - The rescue is here Are you afraid of what will happen to your family after I have taken you in the rapture? Do not worry because I have instructed my end time apostles, my harvesting army to visit them. They will explain what has happened and will show them the word of my son Jesus. Many of your families who rejected you and your testimonies will see the light. The rescue is here Even the most stubborn will experience my power through these end time workers that I have chosen for such a time as this. They will show forth my heavenly principles for all to see. Your left behind families and friends will be drawn to that light that my end time army will show forth in all nations and I will open their hearts to embrace the messages that they will receive. The rescue is here So do not be afraid what will happen to your left behind families because I have already put in place my rescue workers for them. Pray that they will reach your loved ones in time and that they are in great number because the fields are wide and long. Support these holy end time vessels with your wealth and your plenty which you do not need anymore in Heaven but they require a lot of resources so that they can travel all over the world to spread my Gospel of the Kingdom and being my Ambassadors of Heaven for all to see. The rescue is here. Michael Triple Grace