Prophetic Word for the 7th of June 2020

Prophetic Word for the 7th of June 2020 - Training My training for the end time apostles has begun. 40 days of training with my son Jesus and the risen Saints to get skilled in warfare against the enemy, prayer, worship and serving me in the new holy places. 40 days of active training as a new powerful warrior in my army that I am raising for such a time as this. Powerful warriors who will be my ensign and banner against the evil flood. Training Every night my angels will take you to my holy mountain to gather the chosen vessels at its feet for practice. Pray before you go to sleep so that you are part of it. Pray that you are one of the chosen vessels and one of my end time apostles who will bring in the harvest of the ages. Now is the time for the 40 days of training and on the 50th day you will receive my Holy Spirit as a helper for your new end time ministries. Training Come forth out of your hiding places my powerful warriors who had always dreams and visions about training, some on an island and some on a mountain. I sent these dreams to confirm your destiny to you. Now arise and pray that you are worthy to take part in this training for my elect end time harvest workers. I will send my angels to collect you from the four corners of the earth. Be ready for your supernatural training. Michael

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