Prophetic Word for the 12th of June 2020

Prophetic Word for the 12th of June - Support You are asking for my support in your prayers but I do not see that you support my ministries on earth. They work for my heavenly Kingdom and are worth the wages. First concentrate on the heavenly Kingdom including of supporting my chosen ministries and then all will come to you. This is my promise to all of my sons and daughters. Support Do not support the world and worldly issues but help the end time ministries that are elected by my power and my glory. You will recognize them by their unbounding love for me and the 100% focus on the Kingdom of Heaven. Concentrate in this times the blessings I give to you in heavenly works and not in lukewarm churches. With every support you give new blessings will manifest in your life. Support Allow my ministers of the heavenly kingdom who are gathering the end time apostles for the great harvest to stay on the Kingdom path and not to return to the world because of lack of resources. They and you can not serve two masters and I am calling on you to support them as you have supported worldly agencies in the past. Cut the ties with the world and help the heavenly ministries and ministers. The ones who will guide into the coming Millennium Kingdom. Michael Triple Grace