Prophetic Word for the 15th of June 2020

Prophetic Word for the 15th of June 2020 - My Kingdom on Earth Where was my Kingdom on Earth in the beginning? In the Garden of Eden. Then when I called Moses up the Mountain where should he place my mercy seat? In the tabernacle - my Kingdom on Earth. When my faithful servant David conquered my holy city of Jerusalem He brought the ark of the covenant back so that all of my people had access to it in a tabernacle. My Kingdom on Earth Then Solomon built a temple for me and my Kingdom on Earth dwelt in two of them. My son Jesus told you that you are the temple but also said that the fallen tent of David will be restored. Until the end I decreed a restoration of all things back to the beginnings - back to Paradise and the Garden of Eden where I walked with my creation in Love every day. My Kingdom on Earth You are part of this restoration and as my end time apostles you will bring my Kingdom again onto this earth. You will establish holy places as embassies of heaven in all nations. There I will teach you how to serve me and how to walk in my presence daily. These holy places will introduce my heavenly principles of love, mercy and compassion to a fallen world and a great harvest will be brought in. Finally the multitude clothed in white will stand at the base of Mount Zion and I will rapture them into Paradise to be with me forever and ever. Michael Triple Grace

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