Prophetic Word for the 19th of June 2020

Prophetic Word for the 19th of June 2020 - My rain The doors of the ark are closed. My angels have marked and sealed the ones who will go into the escape. The rain will start to fall. Heavy and destructive rain for a fallen world and for the enemy side and resources, so that my plants can flower, for the side of Light and Heaven. My rain Most people behaved as in the days of Noah and were laughing at my people who waited for the return of my son Jesus. The watchers will be rewarded but the mockers will be judged. The days of Noah have come and the doors of the ark are closed. 40 days of heavy rain will come down onto the earth. This rain will contain wars, riots, famine and destruction. Great mourning and weeping will come over the ones who will see their children gone. My rain For my end time apostles, who will be the rock in the storm and who will explain to a mourning world why and where I have taken the children, for them, the rain will come down as resources so that they can start with their end time ministries. They will begin to establish, as the first fruits of the wine, my new holy places in the nations and they will start to train and teach my royal priesthood who will serve me as never before. My chosen vessels are ready to enter into their destiny and purpose on earth. My rain will fall as it was in the days of Noah. Michael Triple Grace

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