Prophetic Word for the 23rd of June 2020

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of June 2020 - My time matters Do not question the words of my servants only because their timing might be off. I am in charge and only my time matters. My servants are seeing the truth but I will perform it at my timing. Why are you all looking for a sign. There will be no sign given then the sign of Jonah to Nineveh. A 40 days sign of calling into repentance. The whole world need to repent. My time matters If they do not repent then great calamities will come down onto the earth as I have decreed it. Will they repent like Nineveh or will they continue to mock my servants because they are looking for a supernatural sign. I will act in my timing but I have given the results already to my servants and my prophets. My chosen vessels know already if they go into the escape or if they will remain as my end time apostles. My time matters Worldly believers will not understand and will fight and mock my servants and will tell them that they make mistakes when in reality the mistakes are in the world and in Babylon. My servants know my voice. Stop fighting over timing and signs because only my time matters. I will decide when the children will go and I will send the Holy Fire to my end time apostles. Have faith and believe the messages that I am sending through my vessels. Do not fall back into the world but walk with me towards my holy mountain, Mount Zion. Michael Triple Grace

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