Prophetic Word for the 28th of June 2020

Prophetic Word for the 28th of June 2020 - The Innocent I am reminding you again that I will take care of the innocent. The escape of all under the age of accountability is at hand. My angels are standing at the door. All children who are marked and sealed will be removed. Even the ones who are still in their mother's womb. Great mourning and weeping will come onto the earth. The Innocent But as for you, my chosen vessels, you will be the rock in the storm and explain to the world what has happened and where the children are. They are in my place of safety. Speak the truth and show them my mercy and compassion. The world will fall and the seals will be broken. Destruction will come onto the earth. Therefore I removed the children. The Innocent These small children can not fight for themselves and they would be casualties in the upcoming wars of the nations. They would suffer many things and most would die in great agony. But I am a merciful God and therefore I am removing them to my third heaven. All who are innocent and can not defend themselves will take part in the escape before the wars, the famine and death will come. The Innocent will rest in my bosom. Michael Triple Grace