Prophetic Word for the 2nd of July 2020

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of July 2020 - Four months - No harvest You say that in four months there will be a harvest. The oil harvest in my holy land. But I will rebuke and correct you. There will be no harvest in four months. The nations will fall and a great calamity will come over the earth. My prophets have warned you that the world will be fallen by December 2020. Four months - No harvest This destruction will start at my holy land and it will then spread all over the world. Nobody will be able to stop it until it has run its cause and fulfilled its purpose. The world will enter a time of chaos as never before and the enemy will use the situation to bring forth his son, the child of perdition. He will bring order to chaos it seems but in reality he will bring you into the dominion of his father, Satan. Four months - No harvest Therefore I am calling my true sons and daughters of the Kingdom of Heaven into Unity because the fields are ripe for the harvest. This is not a time of rest but a time to stand up, to let go and move into the fields to bring in the harvest of the ages. Unite together as my royal harvest workers, build a powerful wall of my fiery lights and establish my holy places in all nations and on all continents. Do not stand alone, do not stand in division or do not hide in your closets. Stand up, walk out, come into Unity and be light of my heavenly Kingdom. The harvest is now! Michael Triple Grace

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