Prophetic Word for the 6th of July 2020

Prophetic Word for the 6th of July 2020 - Unworthiness Many of my children feel guilt and unworthiness over their life style. They are filled with religious spirits who are hindering their elevation to the new level. These spirits of guilt and unworthiness are not from me. These are demonic spirits to hold you back from your destiny and purpose here on earth. Unworthiness There are also church leaders, prophets and pastors who are feeding these demonic spirits to their sheep. I rebuke the wolves in sheep clothing. What are you doing? You are spreading false doctrine. Another group are my own believers who interpret my holy scriptures wrongly so that I should have said you all need to be perfect, completely holy and must live like monks. I never said that. Unworthiness However what I said was that I will punish and continue to punish any lust, greed or excess towards any idol. No matter if it is money, careers, alcohol, medicine, intimacy or any other idol you might allow to enter into your life. Lust and excess towards an idol in your life is punishable by my holy scriptures. But you do not need to live without your small pleasures as a monk nor do I allow you do indulge in them. The middle path of prayer, worship and control is the narrow and righteous path. Any excess will lead into the hands of the enemy. Do not be deceived and do not feel unworthy when you walk my middle path. Michael Triple Grace

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