Prophetic Word for the 8th of July 2020

Prophetic Word for the 8th of July 2020 - Double Omer I told you that I will send you out in the former and the latter rain. In a similar way as Elisha received the double anointing from Elijah and with a double Omer. The first Omer count was for the former rain and the latter rain will also have its own Omer count which will lead up to me sending down my Holy Fire onto my end time apostles. Double Omer The double Omer is also a reminder to you that you should hold my Sabbath holy. Keep the Sabbath and stay away from wordly works on my separated day. The former and the latter rain is available to my chosen vessels who have separated themselves from the World and Babylon. Who have been called to their end time ministries and who are the Remnants rising. Double Omer You will never understand my timing if you do not consider that a worldwide harvest needs a double portion of blessings. Therefore I am giving you a double Omer as in the days of old on the day before my Sabbath. The double Omer is my blessing and my resources for your end time ministries and your great harvest work. The Gospel of the Kingdom will be spread to all Nations and then the end will come. Receive a double Omer. Michael Triple Grace

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