Prophetic Word for the 12th of July 2020

Prophetic Word for the 12th of July 2020 - Heaven on Earth My Heaven is coming down onto the Earth. The door that was locked for centuries will open now. I am sending my Kingdom down onto the earth again. As it was in the Garden of Eden where I walked with my creation day after day in the morning dew I will do it again. My presence came down on Mount Sinai and rested on the mercy seat in the tabernacle Moses built. Heaven On Earth David conquered Jerusalem for me and brought me back to my chosen people with the returning ark of the covenant. He built me a new tent so that I could again walk with my children. Solomon built me a house so that the Royal Priesthood could serve me as commanded on Mount Sinai. And I walked again in their presence daily. Heaven on Earth Now it is time to come down onto the earth again to restore all things to my original order. I will come in judgements and in blessings and the fallen tent of David will be restored. Holy places, in the design of my tabernacle, will be established in all nations for my Glory and the world will receive and see my principles of heaven. Finally after a great harvest and revival I will take my chosen vessels, my true and faithful servants, into Paradise on Mount Zion so that I can walk with them again in the Garden during the morning dew. My Heaven is coming down onto the Earth. Michael Triple Grace