Prophetic Word for the 16th of July 2020

Prophetic Word for the 16th of July 2020 - Do not divide my people

I have not commanded you to divide my people in denominations and religions. I am the father of all of my children on earth. Seek me first and not worldly honors.

A divided nation can not stand and my people will fall if they continue to divide themselves to ideas, doctrines and idols. Return to your first love.

Do not divide my people

Only in Unity will you be able to survive the coming darkness. In Unity you can support one another, walk together, hide one another if necessary and in unity you will be a great light in a fallen world.

Come out of the lukewarm churches, the many denominations that are meaningless to me and unite under one faith. The faith in me and my heavenly Kingdom. Walk in true sonship as my only begotten son Jesus did.

Do not divide my people

I am calling my prodigal sons and daughters out of the world into a new family community worldwide that will gather my true faithful servants from the four corners of the earth.

A united community of true servants and representatives of the Kingdom. Ready to act together, ready to walk together, ready to support one another and ready to die together. Do not divide my people.


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