Prophetic Word for the 17th of July 2020

Prophetic Word for the 17th of July 2020 - A Wave is coming I am sending you a great wave. This wave will affect all nations, all races and all colors. It will change the world and it will start my end times. A great wave of the Holy Spirit will come from Heaven and will hit the earth. People will see visions and remember dreams. They will receive knowledge and wisdom as never before. A Wave is coming You can use these downloads that are coming with the wave for good or evil and it remains your choice. My children know my voice and they will use it for promoting of my Kingdom. But the evil side will use it to advance their agenda, their technology and their leader, the Antichrist. They will try to bind you in slavery and will remove your free will. A Wave is coming This wave will bring forth great light and will gather you into new communities for my heavenly Kingdom but in its wake also great darkness will fall and it will bring war, famine, pestilences and death. During this great change I will protect my children, all who are written in the book of life. All who have dedicated themselves to me and my son. And I will rescue the children. A wave is coming. Be ready. Michael Triple Grace

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