Prophetic Word for the 19th of July 2020

Prophetic Word for the 19th of July 2020 - Birthing Season My children, it is birthing season. You will birth my promises and my ministries into a fallen world. You will become my new thing which will arise around the globe. It is birthing season for everything you have received by my Holy Spirit. Your dreams and visions are coming reality now. Manifestation of these things that were once only ideas. Birthing Season My Daughter of Zion is giving birth to her children too. Many holy places will be established in the nations and will show forth great light. Light which will guide the prodigal sons and daughters home. Back to the Father. It has all begun and my end time apostles are on the move to bring in the harvest of the ages. They are the children of my Daughter of Zion and my royal priesthood. A holy nation of powerful warriors for my heavenly Kingdom. Birthing Season You asked me many times "When?". When will it happen? When will my promises to you becoming reality? My child, now is the time of great wonders and miracles for my faithful servants. The wind of change has brought the Birthing Season and you will walk now in my power and my glory for all to see. No more hiding, no more waiting and no more delay. The end times have started and the Kingdom is here. My birthing season for all new lambs has arrived. Michael Triple Grace

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