Prophetic Word for the 27th of July 2020

Prophetic Word for the 27th of July 2020 - Consecrated You are consecrated for my great work in the world. You are chosen for my great harvest. I am calling you into your purpose and destiny for my name's sake. You are my consecrated royal priesthood who will serve and walk with me in my established holy places. You were prepared and you cleaned your garments in the blood of the lamb. Consecrated I am calling you into the unity of my holy nation. You will enter Paradise and will eat from the tree of life when you have brought in the harvest of the ages. You are a blessed nation who have come out of your worldly affairs for my Kingdom sake. You have made my principles your foundation and you girded you with wisdom amd knowledge. Consecrated You are standing with me, your God, for all eternity and I have consecrated you as my ambassadors on earth. A great light will flow from you and great revival will fill your days. Many people within the fallen world will seek your wisdom and understanding and you will bring many people to righteousness. You will shine as the stars in heaven. I have consecrated you and set you apart for such a time as this. Michael Triple Grace

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