Prophetic Word for the 29th of July 2020

Prophetic Word for the 29th of July 2020 - Wear my crown The time has come for the final instructions. Your ministries must begin before the destruction will hit the earth. I am sending you my son Jesus for the final preparations. He will knock at your door. Open up immediately so that he can feast with you and serve you with the final instructions for my end time harvesters. Wear my crown He will not only prepare your body physically by washing your feet but he will also give you the authority to establish the holy places in your nation and neighborhood. He will give you your appointment letter as an ambassador of heaven with all of its duties and blessings. My son will bestow onto you the double blessings of Elijah. Wear my crown The final instructions will allow you to walk in the former and the latter rain. All what you have to do is to open the door when my son is knocking and he will embrace and fill you with my power and my glory. My end time army is called into duty with the final visitation of my son. He will walk with you to allow you to wear his crown at the end of the preparation period. You will walk as his images in your nations and you will emulate a great light of glory as Moses did. I am sending you my son Jesus for the final preparations and at the end of this period my Holy Spirit will fall on all end time apostles. Wear my crown. Michael Triple Grace

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