Prophetic Word for the 2nd of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of August 2020 - Pure Faith Pure faith is required to understand and enter your destiny right now. A child-like faith that trusts the Father completely. That knows that he will protect them no matter what will arise. Unfortunately, I do not see such faith anymore on earth. Your faith is eroded by the enemy and by man made doctrines from your lukewarm churches. Instead that you trust me, you trust your religious leaders who are blind and naked. Pure Faith When you follow a blind leader then you both will fall into the pit. Pure faith towards me will not only allow you to enter paradise but will make sure that your name is written in heaven. Pure faith is trusting my messages, receiving understanding for the signs of the time, walking the narrow road towards Mt. Zion and being my harvest worker and end time apostles for such a time as this. Pure Faith A childlike faith is required when you want to be elevated from the outer court to the holy place. My son Jesus had this kind of faith as he trusted me even on the cross. Return to your first love and embrace pure faith from this moment forward. The world will enter a period of darkness in which you must shine as never before. Pure faith is necessary to walk in darkness. Trust me as your true father and listen to my prophets who are calling you back into my arms. Michael Triple Grace

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