Prophetic Word for the 5th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 5th of August 2020 - Conquer The first seal is broken and the white rider is going forth to overcome and to conquer. Conquer the darkness in my holy name and bring great light to a fallen world. You will conquer in righteousness as my chosen vessel and my only begotten son will take you by the hand for the final preparation to reach enter your destiny. Conquer My first chosen people conquered the promised land and now you as my chosen people for the end times will conquer the nations and the whole earth. My end time warriors are battle ready. I will guide you to every Jericho that is in your path and you will breach the walls and enter the city. You will spread the Gospel of the Kingdom and will rescue the prisoners from the enemy camp. Conquer No matter what it takes and even if you need to go after the enemy stronghold seven times or surround it seven times, you will be successful in my holy name and you will conquer the world for the Kingdom of Heaven. My holy places will be established in the nations. But you will not do it with a worldly sword or with violence but with love, mercy and compassion. My angels will open the doors of the prisons in the enemy camps so that the prodigal sons and daughters can return to the Father. You will change their hearts back to their first love. You are my conquerors who will overcome this world with my principles of heaven. Michael Triple Grace

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