Prophetic Word for the 6th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 6th of August 2020 - Holy, Holy, Holy, I am calling you close to myself for the next 50 days. Become holy as I am holy and stay out of sin in word, thought and action. I need my chosen vessels as a holy example for the world. In the upcoming weeks concentrate fully on the Kingdom of Heaven and listen to my small voice that will guide you through this time of atonement. Become holy as I am holy. Holy, Holy, Holy I am sending my son Jesus to anoint and position you for your end time destination. He will open for you the door that will lead on the narrow and righteous path towards Mount Zion. He will knock at your door and will call your name. Rush to open for him because his time is short and he needs to visit all of my end time apostles who are not yet ready or who have not yet a full understanding. He will open your heart, soul and mind. Holy, Holy, Holy At the end of his 40 days he will return to me until we will come back onto the earth with the mountain not carved by human hands - Mount Zion and there we will rapture, all of the multitude clothed in white, into Paradise to be with us for all eternity. You are at the doorstep of your destiny, to serve me as never before and to let your light shine for all to see. To bring forth a revival, a movement of my harvest workers that will cover the whole earth. These harvest workers are my true sons and daughters and I will bless them abundantly. Stay holy as I am holy. Michael Triple Grace

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