Prophetic Word for the 7th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 7th of August 2020 - My movement I am gathering you together in my end time movement. A movement so powerful that it will conquer the whole earth. A holy movement of end time apostles and ambassadors of heaven. Unite now for my heavenly Kingdom and stand out from the sleeping churches and the fallen world. Separate yourself from Babylon and repent your sins. Stay holy for I am holy. My movement The new movement of heaven will show forth a great light into the darkness and all of my true sons and daughters are called to join and to walk in unity for all to see. My new places are holy places where I will walk with my children on holy ground every day to instruct them and to give them heavenly wisdom and knowledge to be spread into the nations. My movement A movement will be established that is more powerful than anything ever created on earth. A movement so swift that its members can run faster than the horses of a chariot. A movement bringing forth wonders and miracles in my holy name. Be part of my end time movement and I will elevate you to a new level of sonship with me. Walking as images of my beloved son Jesus and bringing in the harvest of the ages. Now the time has come to stay holy as I am holy and to change your life to my principles of heaven of love, mercy and compassion. My movement is a movement of holiness, obedience and righteousness. Do not miss it. Michael Triple Grace

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