Prophetic Word for the 8th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 8th of August 2020 - My presence will manifest on earth Like in the Garden of Eden, on Mount Sinai or with the ministry of my beloved son Jesus Christ, my presence will again manifest on earth for all to see. The shift is here. The paradigm shift from the spiritual outer court to my physical manifestation in the holy places, in my embassies of heaven on earth. My presence will manifest on earth This is the preparation and dress rehearsal for the upcoming Millennium Kingdom and you will learn how to come together in one faith under one king for my glory. Places will be established in the nations and all continents. Places of holiness, righteousness and obedience. Places of revival and a great harvest. Places operated and run by my royal priesthood and under my ambassadors of heaven. My presence will manifest on earth I am transforming you now onto the new level from the spiritual to the physical and it will begin today. Today the final mission has began. This final work for my Kingdom will bring forth great light and will guide my lost sheep back into the fold. Be ready and stand prepared for my presence to manifest on earth. My end time movement will race like a tsunami of righteousness through the whole world and nothing will be able to stand in its wave. It will bless my true sons an daughters but will bring judgements for the mockers and scoffers who are rejecting my manifestation on earth. Declare today where you stand. With my Kingdom of Heaven or the World. Michael Triple Grace