Prophetic Word for the 9th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 9th of August 2020 - Call on my name The church says that calling on my name means just to believe in me but I tell you that it means to walk in my presence and to abide in me as I abide in you. Calling on my name is not passive but active and so actions are required. Seek me every day in your holy places and walk with me on holy ground as I did with Adam and Eve. Call on my name It also means to stand with my Kingdom of Heaven and to separate yourself from the World and Babylon, form the temptations that Satan is throwing at you. Choose today and stand in holiness. Call on my name requires actions on your soul level because I have imprinted your destiny in your soul and you need to focus on your soul to fulfill your purpose on earth. Call on my name Change your life, seek my heavenly Kingdom, become my true sons or daughter and my royal priesthood. Call on my name and walk with me in the morning dew in perfect sonship as Jesus did. Call on my name and seek my lost sheep, feed them and guide them, as a good shepherd, back into my fold, the Kingdom of Heaven. Be my harvest workers and walk the narrow and righteous path towards Mount Zion where I will rapture you and take you before my throne. Call on my name in actions and with a pure soul. Michael Triple Grace

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