Prophetic Word for the 10th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 10th of August 2020 - Triumphal entry My power will have a triumphal entry on earth this day. I am coming to visit my children and my chosen vessels. The dead in Christ will rise and I will honor my bride. Watch for my triumphal entry to be my witnesses in the world. Not many will realize what will happen and why but my chosen vessels, my end time apostles will stand with me at this time. Triumphal entry Palm branches in their hands they will wave to me and recognize their returning King. These are the ones who have opened their door to my arrival and who are living their soul destiny. Many are called but few a chosen and so only the one with childlike faith towards me and my Father will experience my triumphal entry. Do not try to comprehend it with your carnal mind or your hearts desire but seek the Holy Spirit over it. Triumphal entry From this day forward I will bless my children who are ready to stand for me and my Father's house. Who have separated themselves from the World, Babylon and the lukewarm churches and who are readily standing at the door waiting for me to knock. With them will I sup together and them will I bless in my mighty name. They will receive the rewards for their faithfulness in the storm of the enemy. They have never given up nor forsaken me or what I have shown them. They are my true and faithful servants and my witnesses of the triumphal entry into the fallen world on this day. Michael Triple Grace