Prophetic Word for the 11th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 11th of August 2020 - Sheol Death and Hades will not prevail over my faithful servants who are set into positions all over the world right now. I am sending my son with the key into Sheol to set the prisoners of death free. The time of the escape of the innocent is at hand and before their actual flight the dead in Christ will rise. The Saints who were waiting for my son to free them from Death and Hades. Sheol Sheol is the place where all people who die will go. There they wait for the judgement day, my white throne judgement that will come for the whole earth. I am releasing now the chosen saints who will go with the innocent into my third heaven and in doing so scriptures will be fulfilled. My promises are true and everything which is written will be come to pass. Sheol My son Jesus got the keys to Sheol after his sacrifice and now I have sent him to use these keys so that the dead in Christ appointed for such a time will rise. Not all dead in Christ will come out of the graves but the ones who are worthy to be the first. These saints have served me in their times as no others and so I appointed them for the harvest of the first fruits. They will escape with the innocent, the children under the age of accountability and the few who are accounted worthy for this first harpazo. Death and Hades will not prevail over my children. Michael Triple Grace