Prophetic Word for the 12th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 12th of August 2020 - Images My prophet of old, Gad the Seer, described my Godhead perfectly by saying that there is God, his image and his presence. My only begotten son Jesus as my image and the Holy Spirit as my presence. Today you are called to be the images, the ambassadors of heaven, here on earth. You are destined for true son or daughtership with me, the Father. Called to walk as images of my son. Images This is not a spiritual following of what he has done but walking in his shoes, his footsteps, as the great shepherd and harvest worker he was. Even doing greater exploit as he has done. I sent the helper, the Holy Spirit - my presence, to him and his apostles - the former rain and now you will receive this blessing as a double anointing in the former and latter rain. Images I require you, from this day forward, to walk in true sonship as a clearly seen image of my son Christ Jesus. Copy his examples, set the captives free, heal the sick and raise the dead. I am giving you powers beyond your imagination. Do not stumble and do not be anxious of the world and its leader, the Antichrist but walk the path of your destiny as Jesus did. Bring in the harvest of the ages and fulfill your purpose so that at the end of your mission you can also say "It is finished". Then I will rapture you into paradise and you will receive the crown of obedience. You will hear me say "Well done, my true and faithful servants". Be the images of my son Jesus Christ. Michael Triple Grace

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