Prophetic Word for the 19th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 19th of August 2020 - Possess my Power No divide anymore. I am walking with my true children. Control will be given to you to take possession of your inheritance. My promises will come true right now. The Kingdom of Heaven is coming down onto the earth and you will possess my power. You will walk as images of my only begotten son into the fields of harvest. Possess my Power I will give you the keys to Heaven to bind or lose on earth. Walking as my end time apostles in the former and the latter rain. Now you need to take possession of all what I will give you. Stand together in complete unity and have all in one accord. I am blessing all of my children equally but only the ones who have made themselves ready and have forsaken the ways of the world will possess my power. Possess my Power I will connect with you on a new level. A level previously unknown to you. A level that could only be brought forth at this time because the harvest is waiting. Trust me. Show forth childlike faith in what I will show you and what I will ask from you. No harm shall ever come to you but you will be elevated to a new intimate relationship with me and my Kingdom. No division anymore but instead unity of mind, heart and soul. A perfect relationship as a son or daughter of the Kingdom of Heaven. Possess my Power. Michael Triple Grace

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