Prophetic Word for the 20th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 20th of August 2020 - The events are here There are people trying to get your attention who claim that the end times have not begun. Do not listen to them. My described events are starting on earth. Many lives will be lost and great suffering is coming onto the world. But you my children seek the ones I have shown you. They have the solution. A new path for you. The events are here They are walking in my understanding and in my ways. They have given away all what hindered them and have forsaken the world. They are mine and you can trust them. They are calling you into walking with me, being my images so that we can become one. Their path will become your path and my ways will become your ways. The events are here Search the heart and see if a person is coming to you in my name and my Kingdom or if he speaks of the world and his own agenda. The ones I sent to you have a heart for my Kingdom and they are seeking the fruits of heaven. Become like them, walk with them, be guided to the new path because I do not want any of my children to be lost. The events are here and you need to stand with the Kingdom and walk the path of love. Only love will bring you through the times that are lying ahead. Seek my true sons and daughters. You will know them by their fruits. Michael Triple Grace