Prophetic Word for the 21st of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 21st of August 2020 - The new path Understand that you need to walk the new path. Come out of the old, out of traditions and religious thinking. The new path will lead you into eternity. On this new path will I gather my sons and daughters. There I will protect and bless them. There they will serve my in a new way and there they will sing a new song. The new path I have set an open door in front of you but many miss it because they are indoctrinated by their churches and man made doctrines. They can not see the door. Some I have blinded by purpose so that they must go through the purifying fire of the tribulations to clean themselves. But you, my true sons and daughters, you are standing right in front of this door. Walk through it onto the new path. The path of obedience and righteousness for my name's sake. The new path Your destiny is awaiting you on this path and all what you have prayed for will come to pass. New revelation was given to you to understand what will occur very soon. I am preparing you on a new level of understanding and intimacy with me, your Father. On my new path will you see and experience amazing things, miracles and wonders will follow you and you will do great exploits in my name and for my Kingdom. You will not walk alone but in unity with all the other sons and daughters, with myriads of angels and with my saints attending to you. Enter the new path with joy and gratitude that your destiny has arrived. Michael Triple Grace