Prophetic Word for the 23rd of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of August 2020 - My face will shine upon you These are the times when Heaven and Earth will merge. My presence will be seen and felt. I will connect with my children so that my face will shine upon them. We will unite for my Kingdom and from this unity will great light shine forth. Remember the glowing face of my servant Moses when he came from my holy mountain? It will be like that. My face will shine upon you The whole world will see your light and they will be drawn to it. And you will introduce to them the Kingdom of Heaven and Paradise. You will be my ambassadors on earth. A stronger and stronger connection will be built between you and me. You will receive more and more knowledge, wisdom and understanding about things that were closed to you before. But now you will need them because the end times are here. My face will shine upon you Heaven is merging with the earth and will finally push out any sin. The bond you feel now with me will grow stronger and stronger when more of the earth will be covered by my Kingdom. This is the change and this is the paradigm shift so many prophets are experiencing now. Show forth great faith and allow me to change you. Allow me to let my face shine upon you so that I can elevate you to the new level and new path. An open door is standing in front of you but you must step through it alone. You have free will. Meet me on the other side. Michael Triple Grace

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