Prophetic Word for the 28th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 28th of August 2020 - Meet me in my tent I always used a tent to meet with my children. The first tabernacle, then the tent of David and now the new Holy Places. In the tent will you approach the great divide. The great divide is the closed door that can only opened from the side of Heaven and that separates your realm from mine. Many call it the veil or the curtain but it is a divide. Meet me in my tent I have brought you closer to this divide over the last years through messages of my chosen prophets and now we are at the time when you will stand right before this door. I will open it for my faithful end time workers who trust me with a childlike faith. Who understand that they are true sons and daughters of the me, the Most High. Meet me in my tent The door of the great divide cannot be opened just anywhere but on holy ground. That is the reason why you are asked to establish the new tabernacles in your nations and neighborhoods so that I can open the door and connect with you as I did with my son Jesus. Walk in true sonship with me, your Father. Remove your shoes and sandals when you are standing on holy ground and in front of the great divide. I will open the door and we will unite. Heaven and Earth will converge. Michael Triple Grace

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