Prophetic Word for the 30th of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 30th of August 2020 - Red Carpet Prepare the way! I am coming to walk with you as one. Call a solemn assembly, gather the elders and make the path straight. Prepare my holy places in the nations. Celebrate and unroll the red carpet for my triumphal entry. The King of Heaven is coming to merge with his true children. I will give you my power and my glory. Red Carpet A day is coming in which you will celebrate Heaven merging with the Earth. The day when I start to take dominion again in the world. You are the preparer of the new path and my Ambassadors of Heaven. That day will be a great day, a triumphal day for my group of extraordinary women and men who have dedicated themselves to my Kingdom and my end time harvest. On that day will you enter into your destinies with your true Father. Red Carpet Announce my coming, call the people of the world into the light. Show them the Kingdom of Heaven and introduce to them my statues, the principles of heaven. Walk through your neighborhoods as my end time apostles and gather the lost sheep back into my fold. Feed my sheep with truth and wisdom from up high and invite them to my holy mountain, Mt. Zion. Walk as a new holy nation, a royal priesthood in the line of David, on this new path and come out of the World and Babylon. I am coming to take possession of the earth. Prepare the red carpet for me! Michael Triple Grace