Prophetic Word for the 31st of August 2020

Prophetic Word for the 31st of August 2020 - My love You can not imagine how much I love you. I created you in my image and since that day I am watching you grow and learn. But I also see your mistakes and failures. No matter how many times you stumble and fall I will always lift you up again, take you by the hand and bring you closer and closer to my Kingdom of Heaven. I love you. My love Out of love have I sent my only begotten son so that he could set you free from sin and death. He walked in true sonship with me and I wish nothing more that you will copy him and come close to me. My love will guide you into true son- or daughtership. Out of love have I brought you through the fire to refine you as gold and out of love have I disciplined you in the wilderness. But no matter how difficult it was I was always with you and have taken you by the hand. My love My love is for my whole creation and no matter what you have done and how far you have gone away from me I am still waiting for your return with open arms. I am your Father and I love you. Return my prodigal sons and daughters. Return from your crooked and worldly ways and change your heart back to your Father. When you return I will celebrate with you an everlasting banquet because my son or daughter, who went missing for so many years, has returned. I am waiting for you in my Kingdom. Michael Triple Grace

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