Prophetic Word for the 6th of September 2020

Prophetic Word for the 6th of September 2020 - The Kingdom to come Many people believe that I will take them and place them in my Kingdom to come. But are they ready? Have they learned to serve under one King, in one Faith and in Unity? The Millennium Kingdom needs to be prepared and dress rehearsed. My children need to understand how to walk with me wherever I go. The dress rehearsal will take place during the seal tribulations. The Kingdom to come Many of my children call themselves my bride but they have never said "Yes" to me. How can the marriage commence when the bride has not answered the bridegroom. In a marriage the wife and the husband walk as one but that needs to be prepared and learned. The two must become one for all to see. He abides in her and she in him. The Kingdom to come Has my bride enough oil in her lamp to find the way to me? Is she willing to empty herself so that we can become one? Is she ready to leave the old to live at my Father's house? The Kingdom to come, the Millennium Kingdom, needs a dress rehearsal so that we all can walk in Unity together, in one Faith and under one King. This is the time to learn and to embrace. Michael Triple Grace

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