Prophetic Word for the 8th of September 2020

Prophetic Word for the 8th of September 2020 - Sons of God My daughter of Zion is birthing forth my sons - the Sons of God - who will walk in the image of my only begotten son Jesus and who will bring great light into the darkness. My daughter is going into travail and the whole world is groaning to see the revelation of my true sons and daughters. They are much needed for a lost and dying world. Sons of God Get birthed into your destiny as my son or daughter walking on the new level with me. Serving me as never before and becoming a holy nation and a royal priesthood. My sons will show the path for the multitude clothed in white. They will be my true Ambassadors of Heaven here on earth and my end time harvest workers. Sons of God They will not come to you to argue or to sow discord but they will show you my principles of heaven through their examples in the same way as my son Jesus had done it. Going into the fields with Love, Mercy and Compassion. Their light is not in any argument but in their Kingdom work for me. Their examples set in a dark world will be the light that many lost souls will be drawn too. They are mine and I will protect and bless them. My sons and daughters are getting born right now! Michael Triple Grace

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