Prophetic Word for the 9th of September 2020

Prophetic Word for the 9th of September 2020 - My Glory will arise I have promised you that I will come back for my bride. Now is the time when I will fulfill my promise. You will see my Glory rising again on earth. I have come for my bride so that we can become one. United in marriage for all eternity. I sing a love song for my bride and I will carry her to my Father's house. She belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven. My Glory will arise The world will see my Glory again but will I find faith? Will they embrace me this time and follow my ways? Or will they crucify me again even only in their thoughts. Many reject my coming at this time and say it is not possible or it is not written but they miss out on what I have told them and what was prophesied long time ago. I will return and they will see me. My Glory will arise I have come to select my faithful servant to become end time apostles and to bring in the harvest for my Father. I will place mantles of authority on their shoulders and anointing of great gifts to fulfill their destiny. They will be my images in a lost world. They are selected and chosen by me and my Father and they were refined and made ready through many tribulations. They have become true sons and daughters of the Kingdom and will be our ambassadors on earth. My Glory will rise again on earth. Michael Triple Grace

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