Prophetic Word for the 12th of September 2020

Prophetic Word for the 12th of September 2020 - Never alone I will never leave nor forsake you as your father. I am walking at your side and you can always rely on me. Trust that you are not walking the new path alone. I will send you other like minded brothers and sisters who have gone through the same issues as you have so that you can learn from their experiences and how they overcame their burdens. Never alone My Kingdom will always take care of the sons and daughters who commit themselves towards Heaven. I will fill them with my power and my glory so that they can be a witness to the fallen world. Great change is coming and I need you to serve me as never before. I need you to preach to a lost and dying world. I need you as witnesses of my tabernacles. Never alone My angels will surround you and they will form a hedge of protection that will shield you against the enemy attacks. Does this mean that you will not experience these attacks? No, but the enemy will never be able to hurt you or to take you away from the path towards Mount Zion. I am opening a door in Heaven directly over your head and my shadow of glory will cover you. In this shadow I will provide for you all resources and blessings needed for your destiny. You will never be alone because I am your true Father. Michael Triple Grace