Prophetic Word for the 14th of September 2020

Prophetic Word for the 14th of September 2020 - Do you see the signs? There will signs in the sun, the moon and the stars and perplexity in the nations. My signs are here. My trumpet is calling and my children will be taken. The beginning of the end is at hand. I am coming mightily back to claim my possession. You will see my signs prophesied by many voices. Get ready and be prepared. Do you see the signs? A great shaking and a perfect change for all of my creation. Shaking for a lost and dying world and a perfect change for my true sons and daughters. The Light will be separated from the Darkness. See the powers in the sky, see the birthing comet, discern the signs of the times and come out of darkness. See the light, join it and walk in it. Seek me as never before because I am making all things new. Do you see the signs? Are you ready for the upcoming events? I have set an open door before you. All you need is to step through onto my green pasture. I will protect you and I will bless you. Step now into your destiny and seek shelter under my wings because there are things coming onto the earth that you will not understand nor will you be able to defend yourself against them. A great shaking is coming. I will make all things new. Michael Triple Grace

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