Prophetic Word for the 17th of September 2020

Prophetic Word for the 17th of September 2020 - Open Heaven I am opening Heaven over the earth and I am starting to push sin out of its domain. I am coming to take possession of my creation again. My Kingdom is here. I am reaching through the open heaven and establish places of safety, holy places for you to gather and serve me as never before. In these places will I protect and bless you. Open Heaven You have waited for a long time for this moment and I have heard your constant prayers for timing and you asked when, when. Now I have opened heaven and my shadow of Glory will cover you. I am ready to support you with all needed provisions and resources so that you can step into the fields that are white and ripe for the harvest. My heavenly harvest workers will be birthed. Open Heaven I will connect with you and will never leave you until you will stand before my throne and we will meet face to face. My path of Glory is lying ahead of you. Do not be tempted to walk to the left or right but stay on the middle path. My path of Glory will be your narrow way that will lead you to eternal life. It will bring you to my holy mountain and into my presence. There we will meet and there you will find rest. I have opened Heaven to bless and help you, my sons and daughters. I love you, your Father. Michael Triple Grace