Prophetic Word for the 19th of September (Rosh Hashanah)

Prophetic Word for the 19th of September 2020 - Brightness Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. My brightness is rising all over the earth. My voices are stepping out to be heard like a trumpet. Walk in the light that I have provided. Who is this light? My son Jesus is and when I call you to walk in the light then you will walk as his images, in his footsteps as the sons of God. Brightness Great light will be seen in the upcoming days when my chosen vessels come out of the prison of the world and will step into their dawn. The birthing of my true sons and daughters is here. Many people and nations will see this light and will be drawn to it. They will seek you and your wisdom and you will bring them back to my heavenly Kingdom and into my open arms. Brightness The holy twin of the royal house of Zarah, which means brightness, will be seen again after many generations of hiding and he will be elevated to a new level on which he will finally meet and unite again with his twin brother Pharez. My brightness, my light, will be seen again for the Glory of my Kingdom and to gather the multitude clothed in white out of all nations, tongues and races to stand at Mount Zion, my holy mountain. The brightness of the Kingdom will be birthed forth. Michael Triple Grace

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