Prophetic Word for the 10th of February 2021

Prophetic Word for the 10th of February 2021 - The Love of the Bridegroom

My Bride, the love that I have for you can't be measured. I was yearning for the day when my Father allows me to go and take you home. I have prepared a place for you at my Father's house.

My love for you has grown over time when I received word how faithful you have prepared for the great day when I come to meet you again. I have heard about your prayers and your faith in my return.

The Love of the Bridegroom

Now the time is here when I am on the way to see you again. The wedding is getting prepared and the banquet is waiting for the Bride. Soon, so very soon, will we be one.

Finally our love will be fulfilled and we will be joined for all eternity. The Heaven is rejoicing about the upcoming wedding of the son and his bride.

The Love of the Bridegroom

I am sending my love ahead of me so that you can feel me coming. Prepare your wedding dress, place enough oil in the lamp and stand ready for the Shofar blast that announces my coming.

I am rushing towards you with all my love for you my faithful bride who has made herself ready for me and the wedding. The time to wait is over and finally we will be joined together. I am sending you the love of the bridegroom.


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