Prophetic Word for the 10th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 10th of October 2020 - The great Anointing

Receive the great anointing. The anointing of my only begotten son Jesus Christ. Walk in his image on earth so that you can represent the Kingdom of Heaven as he has done.

Being an image of my son requires knowledge and wisdom that I have downloaded to you. You have received revelation about my heavenly Kingdom, true sonship, walking in the Spirit and knowledge of the heavenly principles.

The great Anointing

Jesus has set examples before you that you should follow. He has shown you how to win souls for my Kingdom, how to raise the dead and heal the sick. He lifted up the needy and dried the tears of the suffering. And all without personal agenda or guile.

Follow his ways and bring in the harvest of the Kingdom through examples that you will set and perform in your neighborhood. Walk in the image of and see through the eyes of my son Jesus.

The great Anointing

He has declared that you will act in even greater power than he did but this can only be done if you walk as his images and in true son- or daughtership with me, your Father.

The time has come to receive the great anointing, the anointing as a son of God, so that you can walk in his image, as a true son or daughter of me and as my ambassadors on earth.


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