Prophetic Word for the 11th of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 11th of January 2021 - Great Danger

The world is in great danger. Evil is spreading like a wildfire. Freedom is being removed and nations are being locked down. The end times are here. Have I not told you about all of this?

War and rumors of war have become reality in your daily lives. Most people follow false doctrines and listen to deceptions and distractions of the enemy. The platform for the upcoming Antichrist is being build.

Great Danger

Today is a day of great danger. There is an attack on your life and well being. Sinister plans are coming to pass today in places that you do not see. Demonic forces are at play guided by their master Satan.

The aim is to control the whole earth and to make you to worship the Beast. He is coming and he is already on the scene. Lift up your heads from the cares of this world and you will see him on the horizon.

Great Danger

Today stay close to me in prayers. Prayers for your family and nation. Prayers against the demonic attacks against your freedom and wealth. Pray for the removal of the children.

Avoid gatherings today. Stay indoors if possible and wear your full armor. When fear strikes then seek me and my Kingdom. I will send relief with my angels. Trust that all is in my hands. There is great danger for the earth.


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