Prophetic Word for the 12th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 12th of December 2020 - Lift up your voices

Lift up your voices, start praising the King. Sing a new song and worship the one who has come down from Heaven. Let your prayers be heard for the one who has arrived in the clouds.

Get ready at the midnight hour because the cry was heard that the Bridegroom has come. Trim your lamps, make sure that you have enough oil. Put on your wedding dress and stand ready for your beloved one.

Lift up your voices

Sing in unity, in togetherness, as a choir of many faithful souls who are proclaiming that the Kingdom of Heaven has come and with it the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

He is standing in the clouds in great excitement to meet his bride. And you are trembling in eagerness to be lifted up to become one with him for all eternity.

Lift up your voices

Praise God, the Father, who has sent his only begotten son to redeem his bride and to rescue the children. The great day of visitation has come and the midnight cry was heard.

Stand ready with praises on your lips, with the lamps in your hands and clothed in a spotless wedding garment. The door to the wedding hall is opening right now. The time for the two beloved ones to become one has finally arrived. Lift up your voices.


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