Prophetic Word for the 13th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 13th of December 2020 - Hold on tight

Watch for the Whirlwind. My sign for your lift off. The Whirlwind will take you into the clouds to be transformed into the images of my son Jesus.

In the clouds will you receive your garments of light to shine as never before for all to see. The Whirlwind will be my sign for your elevation into the sky.

Hold on tight

Get ready to shed your old filthy garments and exchange them for your new wineskin that Jesus will fill during his 40 days with you on earth. Listen carefully. You will need all the wisdom he will provide.

40 days of final training so that you can bring in the harvest and take the battle to the gates. 40 days of his holy presence to prepare you for your destiny and purpose here on earth.

Hold on tight

It will all begin with a sound in the air, then a mighty rushing wind that will rise to a whirlwind that will connect the Heaven and the Earth. As it was in Bethel so will it be again.

When you hear the sound get ready, when the mighty rushing wind sets in hold on tight because your journey will just begin. A new life is waiting for you, in a new body, with some of the angelic powers bestowed onto you. I am calling my remnant army of Kings and Priests into the clouds. Hold on tight.


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