Prophetic Word for the 13th of October 2020

Prophetic Word for the 13th of October 2020 - Stay on the mountain

I have elevated you on my holy mountain. You are now residing on Mount Zion and you are being part of the family of Heaven. Remain on the mountain no matter what will occur around you.

Do not run from the mountain to seek help in the world. Do not make a flight in the night because a worldly leader is calling you. But trust in me and have faith that I will take care of you.

Stay on the mountain

I have elevated you to Zion so that you are standing separated from the influences of Satan and his demonic spirits. Your elevation is my rescue plan for all of my children.

Unfortunately many are remaining in the world and do not act upon my voice. They prefer their worldly entertainment over my heavenly Kingdom. To them I say that I will shake Heaven and the Earth to wake them up.

Stay on the mountain

When the world will fall and judgements will be the daily bread then you are safe on my holy mountain and I will cover and protect you. Stay as close as possible to me and your other brothers and sisters of Zion.

Let no fear rule your life. When thousands will fall on your right side and millions on your left then no harm will come to you because your dwelling place is Mount Zion. This is your home and not the world. Stay on the mountain.


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