Prophetic Word for the 14th of December 2020

Prophetic Word for the 14th of December 2020 - My sign in the Sky

I have set signs in the sky. In the Sun, the Moon and the Stars for seasons and days. Have you seen my signs in the sky? Do you know that I am standing ready to bring forth?

The birth is now. Many believers say that my time will come in months or years but they are mistaken. I am here now to pour out judgements on the world.

My sign in the Sky

Watch the Heavens today. See my spectacle in the sky. Know that it is me who has come close to the earth. I am standing in the clouds and I will call you to myself.

I gave you my timeline. Do not apply it on a false calendar but wait for me. Do not give up now. See the sign in the sky and now that I am here to birth forth the Sons of God.

My sign in the Sky

Stand together now in the upper room and wait for me even if it takes a few days longer. My promises will not fail. The time is now and I will send my angels to collect you and the children.

I have given you the time and the signs in the sky. Have faith and keep on watching the Heavens. You will be taken into the clouds. I have promised it and I will perform it. Today you will see my sign in the Sky.


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