Prophetic Word for the 14th of November 2020

Prophetic Word for the 14th of November 2020 - The time is up

No more grace, no more delays. The time is up. You have chosen and you have selected death. Now you will have to live with your choice. I am closing the door now.

My warriors are selected, well prepared and ready to be positioned. They are my children who are standing for the Kingdom. None of them has a leg in the world. They are called into formation.

The time is up

The door I have set before you is going to close and my arks will be fully loaded. The final days of the recruitment have come and now remains just a few days to change from the World to the Kingdom.

Your last chance to commit yourself towards the harvest work and to volunteer as my warriors in the Army of Heaven. When the door is closed I will not open it again. No matter how much you plead, pray or wail.

The time is up

You have chosen evil and the evil flood will cover the earth. You have selected the World over my Kingdom and you still continue to mock my voices who are calling you into service.

When the ark doors are closed then you will feel the waters rising and there will be no escape. Use the final days to come out of the World, Babylon and the Churches and enter the new level of service towards me in the Army of the Lord and as the harvesting bride. The time is up.


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