Prophetic Word for the 15th of January 2021

Prophetic Word for the 15th of January 2021 - Ready to fly?

The time and the event are so close that I need to ask you if you are ready to fly? Have you gotten your house in order? Are you accounted worthy to escape all these things?

Are you part of my called out Remnant? Come before me and I will examine you. If you are not able to stand before my throne then you are not ready to fly.

Ready to fly?

The command to collect you for transformation is on my lips and you will enter your destiny here on earth before the sudden destruction will strike. Before the world will see the great conflagration.

Fire will burn the cities, nations will rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom. Many people will lose their lives. I warned you for such a long period. Now my justice will cover the earth.

Ready to fly?

The blood you spilled has cried out to me over many years and I always delayed my judgements to give you time to find home into my open arms. I am a merciful God but the time has come when your cup runs over and I can not tarry any longer.

Judgements are decreed and declared and my angels are standing with a sword at the 4 corners of the earth. Ready to strike as soon as I have sealed my harvest workers and removed the children. Are you ready to fly?


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