Prophetic Word for the 16th of November 2020

Prophetic Word for the 16th of November 2020 - A special task

When you walk through the door that is still open for a short while then you will volunteer for a special task. My harvesting brides will prepare the way for my son Jesus.

You will dress rehearse the Millennium Kingdom and I will allow you to receive the first dominion. Powerful helpers and angels will be placed alongside you.

A special task

Not everybody is called into this Kingdom work except my true and faithful servants who have stepped forward and gave me permission to change and to elevate them onto the new level of service for the Kingdom.

My powerful warriors and harvesting brides who will walk in the image of my beloved son proclaiming that the Kingdom has already come and who are preparing the way for my son to walk into Jerusalem.

A special task

During their walk through the nations they will bring in the harvest of the ages and gather the multitude clothed in white that will stand at Mount Zion to be raptured into Paradise.

Harvesting brides and warriors of the Kingdom will they be called but they are also my royal priests in the line of David. Walking in full faith and complete obedience to my voice and the commandments of the Kingdom. Are you ready to be such a vessel and to enter your destiny right now? A special task for the Kingdom of God.


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